In Otero Scale Model the making process of every model takes a long time to produce from the choice of the vehicle to being able to deliver the miniature to the collector. When we had decided which model are, we going to do, on any of the scales, first thing to do is the search of all the information as possible. In addition of the pictures and blueprints, we measure the real vehicle whenever is possible.

With all this information we can start making the 3D design in rhinoceros with the maximum fidelity respect the real model. This technique let us to make the perfect fit between the pieces and this make the assembly in the KIT version much more easy than other artisan brands. In the case of 1/87 scale, the 3D design is use for making steel molds necessary for the plastic production. In the 1/43 model that are made in an artisan way, the 3D design helps us to be sure that all the pieces fit perfectly. And then we can start making the master, sometimes by hand and others by 4 axles milling machine, but many of the pieces as the final mounting and modeling are handmade.

For our 1/43 models once we have the master, we can make the first molds to confirm or correct the final pieces that will serve to make the silicone mold for production. Although the have a much lower investment than steel molds, their life is very short since they only hold about 25 copies. As it can supposed, this artisanal system only allows us to make very small series.

Once we have the production copies it needs to be worked by hand to be perfect for the painting part: base colors by paint spray gun and little details by paint brush. Once the painting is dry, we can start assembling the model. For the KIT version, we produce all the components, make a complete assembly guide and give the enthusiast all the pieces necessaries to make the model equal as our mounted one.

For the 1/87 scale, once we have the preserie we need to check possible errors and make the improvement that can be done. Once the project is approved, the production of the plastic pieces begins. When the final pieces are in our workshop, we check everything again and we finish off the decoration to finally serve it to the customers.

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