How we work

The process of creation of each model in Otero Scale Model takes a long development from the choice of the vehicle to reproduce to deliver the miniature to the collector. When we have decided which model we are going to make both in the case of 1/87 and 1/43 scale, the first thing we do is to look for all possible information about the vehicle. In addition to photographs and plans, we help ourselves by measuring the real vehicle when this is possible.

Once we have this information we make the 3D drawings with the Rhinoceros program with the maximum fidelity to the original. This technique allows us that our miniatures have a perfect fit between its different parts and thus, the assembly and mounting of our kits is much easier than the models of other manufacturers.

In the case of the 1/87 scale models in plastic injection, these drawings are used to make the steel molds necessary for such injection. In the case of 1/43 models and 1/87 scale models in resin, which we manufacture by hand, these drawings help us to ensure that all parts fit perfectly and from this design we begin to make the masters in some cases with the help of a computer-controlled 4-axis milling machine; and many other parts as well as the final assembly and modeling by traditional manual systems, although we have also surrendered to new technologies such as 3D printers, always looking for the maximum detail and the highest quality of each of the parts that make up our models.

Once we have the masters of our handcrafted models, we make the first moldes pre-serie, which serve to confirm or correct the definitive pieces from which we are going to make the silicone production molds, which although they require a much lower investment than steel molds, have a very short life of only about 25 copies. As you can imagine, this artisanal system only allows us to make very short series.

Once we have the production copies, we finish them off by filing, sanding and picking up faults to proceed with the painting, both the base colors by spray with automotive paints and the details by brush, and once this phase is finished, we carry out the final assembly of the model. This technique allows our miniatures to have a perfect fit between its different parts and thus the assembly of the kit is much better and easier to assemble than it is usual in models from other artisan manufacturers. For the KIT version, we manufacture all the components, we elaborate a detailed and careful assembly manual, and we serve to the hobbyist the same parts with which we make the assembled model.

For the 1/87 scale models in plastic injection, once we have the pre-series, we check the possible failures and make the improvements that can be made. Once the project is approved, we start the manufacturing of the parts in injected plastic and when we have the final models in our workshop we check each one and finish the customization of the model to finally serve them to the public.

El taller
El taller

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